The Most Popular Submissive Collars

Submissive collars are regarded as one-dimensional sex toys, which are used during BDSM sex. People also wear a submissive collar to spice things up during normal sexual intercourse. It might not mean something important to you but it is an essential object in a dominant submissive relationship.

You should know one thing about this bondage collar that only subs wear it and it reveals some important facts about a sub. Different types of collars are used by a submissive partner in a relationship. These types of collars reveal different levels of their relationships. So, let’s find out which are the most popular submissive collars and their meanings.

Popular types of submissive collars:

As mentioned earlier in this post, different bondage collars have different meanings. Collaring is a popular term used to describe ownership of a sub to his/her Dom. The subs use the following types of collars:

  • Posture collar:

You may have seen this collar many times in BDSM porn videos. It is a large collar that covers the entire neck of the sub. It has no special purpose, except improving the stance and posture of the sub during sex. You can also use this collar during sex to readily improve your partner’s posture during sex and have more fun during the intercourse.

  • Play collar:

This collar is also known as dog collar because it has no significance in the BDSM community. It is also used to have fun during a sexual intercourse. This collar is made of a variety of materials and it comes in various shapes and colors. It can also be a ribbon used to generate better thrust during the erotic play. So, buy it and try it if you want to add more excitement and adventure in your relationship.

  • Protection collar:

It is an important collar with an important meaning. A sub wears a protection collar when the Dom wants to reveal that the sub is under his protection. People use this collar mostly in kinky house parties and dungeons. Other Doms check this collar and learn that the sub is still not owned but they cannot touch or approach that sub in the party. These are usual leather collars, but these collars reveal quite an important fact about the submissive partner in a relationship.

  • Consideration collar:

A consideration collar is used when a couple actually wants to endorse advancement of their D/s dynamic. This collar reveals that the Dom is considering a long-term relationship with the sub. In normal language, people describe such relationship level as complicated but in the BDSM community it is endorsed by a consideration collar. This collar is usually used by a sub to reveal the person is with the Dom for a certain period of time and it can be revoked under any circumstances. All the consideration collars are leather collars.

  • Training collar:

It is a unique collar because it has a unique meaning. A training collar reveals that the Dom is currently training the sub. This collar also reveals a glimpse of power his/her Dom has over that person. A training collar is also made of leather and worn during BDSM events. A sub wearing this collar is considered as a trainee and currently unavailable to have sexual intercourse with other Doms.

  • Ownership collar:

This collar is also renowned as a slave collar or formal collar. It is the most important object among people who believes in BDSM community beliefs. This collar acts like a wedding ring. Ordinary people use their wedding rings to endorse they are engaged or married. People from BDSM community wear an ownership collar to reveal the sub is owned.

It may take a long time of consistent training for a sub to earn this collar. Every Sub earns this collar when the Dom agrees to spend a long time with the sub or when the sub completes his/her training. This collar reveals that you are worthy of being owned. It can be a leather collar, a metal collar, or a collar made of synthetic material. People often substitute this collar with a day collar when attend a public event.

Why the collar is so important?

A collar is quite useful for any couple. It does not matter that you are in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. You can always use a collar to enjoy role-play sex. Both you and your partner can become Dom or Sub during the erotic play and enjoy those precious moments with better control.

The collar etiquettes endorse that a Dom should never touch or approach a sub in a collar. Other Doms can try if the dominant partner of that sub allows. It is considered a big sin to approach an owned sub in the BDSM community. The subs are not allowed to take off their collars because it is assumed virtually locked by the Dom and only the Dom can release it from the Sub’s neck. Suppose a sub removes that collar during an argument, it is considered quite disrespectful and rude in the BDSM community.

Not every person follows the rules set by people in the BDSM community. Therefore, a sub collar is usually treated as a sex toy. People widely use it during sex to control movements, stance, and gain more power to produce better thrust during the erotic play.

Where should you buy a sub collar?

The submissive collars are available everywhere. You can buy one from the pet store if you are looking for a play collar or a posture collar. Every retailer does not sell the protection, training, consideration, and ownership collars. All of them are made of high-quality leather and sold by limited retailers across the globe. You can easily find these collars online.

Open the new tab and start looking for bondage collar or submissive collars. You will find many online stores selling this BDSM accessory. Choose a design that you like the most or your Dom chooses for you and then place the order. You will get it without revealing details about your purchase to anyone else. Let us make it easy for you, and go to for a collection of stylish collars.