Spain, the world capital of prostitution?

Europe’s largest brothel has just opened in a land where no fewer than 39 per cent of men admit to visiting sex workers

The Spanish economy may be dangerously close to meltdown this week but one area at least – prostitution – appears to be doing very nicely, thank you.

“Don Jose – cleanliness; Don Jose – discretion; Don Jose – security, and a patrolled car park,” half-whispers the calm female voice on a Granada radio station throughout the day. It is an advertisement for the city’s biggest and best-known brothel.

Cut to a Saturday night inside the said Don Jose “club” – three storeys high, flashing neon lights, two bars, a VIP zone and some 70 sex workers, clad in everything from nightgowns to G-strings to the very briefest of shorts – and, according to local regulars, business is booming. “The place is heaving every weekend,” comments “Alvaro”, an experienced brothel-goer in his late forties. “These days in the afternoons and early evenings, you’ll get businessmen who’ve told their wives they’re at meetings. Then later on, there are hordes of 18- or 19-year-olds, just there to have a laugh and, if they want, have a quick lay as well.”

This is no exaggeration. Prostitution is so popular (and socially accepted) in Spain that a United Nations study reports that 39 per cent of all Spanish men have used a prostitute’s services at least once. A Spanish Health Ministry survey in 2009 put the percentage of one-time prostitute users at 32 per cent: lower than the UN figure, perhaps, but far higher than the 14 per cent in liberal-minded Holland, or in Britain, where the figure is reported to oscillate between 5 and 10 per cent. And that was just those men willing to admit it.

To meet this vast demand, an estimated 300,000 prostitutes are working in Spain – everywhere from clubs in town centres to industrial estates, to lonely country roads to roadside bars, the last often recognisable by gigantic neon signs of champagne bottles or shapely females, flashing away in the darkness. And recently, on the French border, Club Paradise opened with 180 sex workers, making it the biggest brothel in Europe.

As the clubs get larger, the clients get younger. According to studies carried out for the Spanish Association for the Social Reintegration of Female Prostitutes (Apramp), back in 1998 the typical client was a 40-year-old married male. By 2005, however, the average age had dropped to 30 – and it appears to be getting lower. “The kids are going because they see it as a quick way of getting what would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco,” Alvaro says. “You’ve got the money, you choose the woman you want and it’s all over and done with.” His own logic is even more brutal: “I go when I don’t have a girlfriend.”

There is no single reason, though, why prostitution should be so popular in Spain. Historically it has long been seen as an expression of individual freedom – first as a pressure valve for the strait-laced family-focused environment of the Franco years (when prostitution was quietly ignored), and then consolidating itself after the dictator died. Then, as now, brothels would be listed in the yellow pages, albeit under the coy title of “nightclubs”, and nobody batted an eyelid. Among the young men of the Spanish provinces, even in the late 1980s, sleeping with a prostitute was no longer something you did as way of losing your virginity: it could actually be seen as cool.

In the 1990s, magazines such as Interviú, which prides itself on its investigative journalism, would think nothing of publishing “erotic guides to Spain”. Even today, all-male business dinners can end up in the local “club”. “Every now and then I have to take clients,” says one accountant who did not want to be named, “but it’s OK. They take credit cards.”

If the roots of Spain’s acceptance of prostitution ultimately lie with the sexual and personal repression of the Franco years, the most curious hangover from the sexual revolution is that, even today, most “‘serious” newspapers carry adverts for prostitutes. In the Madrid issue of one major national daily, 75 or 80 per cent of small ads are for prostitutes, offering all manner of services with prices from ¤20 to ¤200. Plans to eliminate the so-called “contact ads” appear to be on a kind of permanent hold, partly justified by the precarious economic state of Spain’s print media.

However, the underbelly of a trade which is legal in Spain but not recognised as an actual job is far from pleasant, with human trafficking constantly rearing its ugly head. In 2009 alone, Spain’s Ministry of the Interior detected 17 international crime rings involved in sexual trafficking in Spain. Between January and April of this year, according to the newspaper El País, the authorities identified 493 cases of women sold into sexual slavery.

Yet that makes no difference, it seems, to the clients who pour through the doors of the brothels. “There is a clear lack of awareness as to what is going on,” says Marta Gonzalez, a spokeswomen for the Madrid-based NGO Proyecto Esperanza, which helps women who have been victims of trafficking. “Clients don’t realise that many of these women could be victims of trafficking. Lots of people would be more wary if the prostitutes were clearly under lock and key or had obviously been subject to physical abuse. They don’t realise that all it takes is a death threat to their families back in Nigeria or Brazil, and the woman is already being coerced into prostitution.”

The laws in Spain are of little help either, with prostitution currently a permitted activity – but with no labour rights. “They’re already frequently leading a double life or are considered social outcasts and often are in dire need of money,” said a Spanish Red Cross social worker running a healthcare programme for prostitutes. “Add the lack of legal rights, and they’re a clear target for exploitation.”

On top of that there’s Spain’s recession. “Economically the women I’m dealing with are at the end of their tether, and the lack of other employment possibilities makes everybody more nervous about keeping clients. In the process they put themselves at risk, too. They’ll be more willing to accept it when a client doesn’t want to use a condom, for example, to be sure they get him to sleep with them.”

When prostitution and trafficking overlap, the legal situation grows even more discouraging. “Glitches in the legislation mean that an identical crime is punished less severely here than, say, in Germany.” Ms Gonzalez says. “Forcing someone to prostitute themselves in Spain gets from two to four years in prison here, while human trafficking gets five to eight. But because the latter charge often can’t be proved effectively because of poor legislation, the criminal gets the lower sentence.”

Meanwhile, Spain’s sex trade continues to flourish. And, in one way, it is literally more visible than ever: recently, in an attempt to cut the number of road accidents, the police in Lerida, Catalunya, issued the prostitutes working in out-of-town lay-bys with fluorescent waistcoats.

Why Spain’s brothels are filling up with 20-year-old johns

Police worry about the drastic decrease in the average age of clients, who come from all walks of life

His first time was shortly after his 20th birthday. “I was playing on a soccer team and we won a championship. We all went out for dinner, and then they invited us to a brothel as a prize for having won the tournament,” says Antonio, 21, who lives in Asturias.

“When we finished dinner, we started to have some drinks and then all of a sudden the coach said we should go. With the euphoria of the drinks almost all of us decided we were up for it, and on top of everything, they were paying. Since then, I’ve gone back on the nights I’m out partying. Now, it’s part of the plan.”

Visiting prostitutes has become increasingly common for 20-year-old Spaniards such as Antonio, according to the police. And questioning whether or not the women are victims of human trafficking is not something that commonly crosses the minds of these young clients.

All of the boys aged from 19 to 21 we spoke to for this article wished to remain anonymous, including Antonio, who asked us to use a pseudonym. “Don’t even say the city that I’m from please,” he begged. This is understandable, but the truth is that in the social circles of boys his age, visiting prostitutes is not a taboo.

“I would say it’s almost common,” says Javi, also a fake name. He is 21 and from Cadiz. “You get to thinking and your mind fills up with friends or acquaintances that have gone or go… to, well, whores.”

Police research backs up Javi’s evaluation. It is now common and almost normal for young men to spend their money on sex.

The normalization of prostitution
José Nieto is the chief inspector of the Center of Intelligence and Risk Analysis (CIAR) with Spain’s National Police. He has investigated sexual exploitation of women and organized crime related to prostitution for more than 19 years. Lately, he has noticed something has changed.

“We all have the classic profile of johns in our minds: men of a certain age, perhaps wearing a suit and tie. But lately in our routine inspections we are finding a lot of boys, a lot of young men who are aged 19, 20, or 21. The profile has definitely changed. The age has gone down a lot.”

“I’m not talking about special cases,” he adds. “I’m talking about groups of guys who have already started going to brothels as part of their routine. And sometimes the boys go alone. Sometimes we talk to the boys and they say, ‘But we pay them €50 – I would love to make that much in a day’.”

None of the boys we spoke to admit that sexual need is what drives them to brothels. “My friends usually go to these places; they’re guys that don’t have any problem picking up girls,” says Antonio.

According to Nieto, all types of young men can be found in brothels – rich, poor, blue-collar and students.

“We completely agree with the evaluation of the police… the profile of sex consumers in Spain is changing. And it’s worrying,” says María José Martín, a social worker with APRAMP, an association that helps female prostitutes.

For Martín, prostitution is related to supply and demand. “If that’s what the young men are demanding then, as a consequence, there will be more women who are obliged to prostitute themselves,” she argues.

Javier from Cadiz worked at a restaurant during the summer and that’s when he got his first taste of paid-for sex. “The cook and the other waiters were super nice, I really got along with them and sometimes we went out together. One night they suggested going to a brothel and they paid. This summer we went two or three times when the night was coming to an end. They always paid.”

When the summer ended Javier quit the restaurant but returned to the brothel.

“I went alone twice, and twice I called for them to come to my house. It’s a way to party, that’s how I see it. It’s fun, but it’s expensive,” he explains.

Tito, a 20 year-old from Madrid, also asked us not to use his real name. He began visiting prostitutes during his Erasmus year in Rome.

“Older friends from Erasmus told me it was really fun, that they’d gone several times. At the time I had no intention of doing anything. I had never considered it. In fact, the night I went I didn’t even think I was going to do anything, just have a drink, but a girl got closer and…”

Tito went back to Madrid and says he doesn’t think he would go back – but “you never know.”

Sex now. Reflection later
“It doesn’t surprise me,” says Marta Arasanz, a psychologist specializing in sexology, responding to the findings of the police.

“Despite the fact that today there is more sexual liberty than ever before and maybe young men have the easiest access to sex in history, this generation lives in a world of immediacy – everything has to be quick, here and now, and sex is no exception,” she explains. “Prostitution fits in with this philosophy that demands quick pleasure without consequences or commitments.”

Arasanz believes that sooner or later this practice could have negative consequences for the young johns. “They are boys who may end up understanding sex from the ‘intercourse-centric point’ of view, meaning that sex is all about their pleasure – quick and without a second thought about their partner. Without empathy. It can deform their concept of sex and relationships,” she suggests.

Throughout our conversations with young men who had visited prostitutes, their main worry was about the “shame” of talking about their experiences. None of the boys said they were worried about the women with whom they were having sex.

“When I came back from Erasmus I told some friends and none of them got upset,” says Tito. “It’s true that we spoke about whether the girls were exploited or whatever, but this is something you think about after.”

Tito also told a few of his female friends. “They were more surprised, but because it was unhygienic or risky for my health. But none of them said anything about exploitation or referred to the situation of the prostitutes.”

Nieto says that throughout his career he has asked boys about their thoughts on the women. “They always say the same thing: that the girl who they were with wasn’t obliged to be there, that she was there of her own free will to make money. I explain to them that this is hardly ever the case, and especially not in a brothel.”

“It’s clear that we have a long way to go in terms of public awareness. Especially among young men,” says Arasanz. “It seems that they still don’t realize that they’re contributing to the suffering of women.”

Spanish police have been directing public awareness campaigns aimed at young men since 2013.

“We give speeches at high schools and universities. The objective is to make the boys think, invite them to reflect that it is possible that along with their fun, they are contributing to the enslavement of a woman.”

Today, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Nieto is talking to students at the Charles III University of Madrid. He explains the work that he does and that many prostitutes are not in the profession by choice.

Asked if he thinks these lectures help, Nieto says: “For these young men, at first glance it’s hard to see a victim in prostitution because there is no blood, no cries for help. There is a scantily clad girl, usually smiley, who orders them a drink. We try to explain why they are victims and that they are contributing if they go to these clubs.”

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Dead or Alive: What happened to Spain’s escort industry?

We all know that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and that sex is the main currency wherever you go. It’s the same in Europe, and particularly Spain. The Old Continent’s fourth-largest country is home to some of the most beautiful and joyful men and women working in the sex industry. However, their good looks and willingness to provide sexual services in exchange for money come across numerous challenges every day.


Sure enough, working in prostitution isn’t an easy job. This goes for all countries and cities across the globe. From safety concerns and non-existent health insurance to quasi-moral judgment from their environment, being a red-light-district worker is difficult. But what is so unique about Spain, and how does it affect Spain’s sex tourism? How does it compare to the United States? Well, let’s find out.

Escort Industry Background

Before we continue talking about escort and sex tourism in Spain, we need to clarify what this industry is actually. Namely, many people confuse escorts with your beady eye hookers and gigolos that work the streets. Escorts are, however, on a somewhat higher level than their co-workers that mingle in shady parts of towns and back alleys. They work with wealthier clients and don’t always provide sexual services, yet only company.


Both male and female escorts appear as well-off individuals. They wear the best suits and dresses and work for agencies. This way, clients come in contact with them via a middle man who receives calls or texts telling them what kind of partner someone’s looking for. Although this might sound like straight-up 1970s-Manhattan-pimping, it helps provide security to escorts. The chances of something going wrong are less likely than in street prostitution.


Naturally, escorts aren’t necessarily sex workers. They don’t need to provide sexual services to their clients. Moreover, nine out of ten agencies won’t even list intercourse for clients to choose from. This is optional, and escorts and their clients agree whether they’ll have any action between the sheets without their agency’s involvement. It’s similar to strip clubs, where you can’t touch the dancers, but you can meet after and hook up on your own.

The Struggles in Escort Industry

As we’ve said, working in the escort industry isn’t the same as street prostitution. It has more pros, and it’s generally considered safer. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no negatives for Spanish men and women working as fancy escorts. Prostitution in Spain suffers from similar issues, as do its relatives in other countries. From human trafficking to lack of health care, escorts encounter struggles almost every day.


The sad reality is that many escorts are products of the worldwide sex trade. Regardless of whether they are working in the escort industry in Madrid or some small town, they enter this line of work forcibly without having a say. Moreover, many escorts start working as prostitutes while minors. This is a major issue across the world, let alone in Spain. But, unfortunately, it’s not the only one. There are quite a few more.

When it comes to an industry that relies on sex trafficking, it’s only logical to imagine how workers in it have little to no health care. And yes, that’s correct. Most men and women working as escorts might appear as well-off individuals, but the reality is far from that. They have no health care, even if prostitution in Spain isn’t illegal ever since the mid-90s. And since sex is a major part of their line of work, just imagine how they treat STIs.

How Sex Workers React to the Issues

Madrid, as a sex tourism destination, is more than popular for men and women from all over the world. As such, it attracts all sorts of characters. From those who just want to have a good time to those who might hurt escorts and other prostitutes. And even though everyone knows that, there’s no reaction from the authorities.


Troubles on the horizon for escorts means they need to take care of themselves with only the help of their agencies. This is still better than being a street hooker, but in some cases, it’s not enough. To avoid coming in contact with a psychopath, they have to rely on their instincts. It’s needless to say that male escorts have it easier when it comes to this.


On the flip side, the issue of health is yet another problem they solve on their own. Without health care, they have to pay much more than other people to receive basic medical checkups. And when it comes to testing and treating sexually transmitted diseases, this is a major issue. Due to costs, some who are careless skip them, further spreading infections.

How the Government Acts Towards the Struggles

It’s still not clear how the current Spanish government views prostitution. Their prime minister recently called for abolishing it as it enslaves women. Still, many argue how that’s not the solution, either because the sex industry in Spain is worth almost $4.5 million or because thousands of men and women will lose their main source of income. Either way, the situation is pretty tricky, and it seems like there’s no answer on the table currently.


There are numerous laws and legislations in Spain that concern prostitution and, in turn, escorts. For example, one can’t provide services from their car or in the street. However, these are rarely applied, and such a lack of care leads to most issues that we’ve mentioned.

Progression or Deterioration?

Due to an unclear plan and direction in which to take prostitution, escort in Spain is still present in all its forms. From agencies providing their clients with both men and women to accompany them throughout the day to the two parties agreeing to sex, you can have all sorts of fun in Madrid, Barcelona, and other major cities. But is this a step in the right direction, or is it an issue waiting to be dealt with?


On one side, we can say that a blossoming sex industry in Spain is a good thing. It provides many men and women a chance to put food on their table and express themselves sexually. Nevertheless, it’s problematic without any clear rule of law that will protect workers from being exploited. Without proper health care, safety, and no trafficking, the sex industry is still the most problematic of all in Spain and most other European countries.

How the Escort Industry Turned Out

Nowadays, Spain is still one of the leading sex tourist destinations in the world. It’s the country where most kinksters from all over the globe head over, looking for an unforgettable time. From major cities like Madrid and Barcelona to numerous islands like Ibiza and Mallorca, you can find all kinds of sex services you can imagine.


If you’re into fancy-looking men or women who can accompany you all day long, looking like your actual partner, look no further than hiring an escort. Aside from beautiful Spaniards, you can enjoy the company of all other ethnicities. South Americans, Africans, Eastern Europeans, and Asians are all part of the escort industry in Spain.

What’s Special About Spanish Women?

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One of the unique traits of Spanish women is the fact that they offer a little bit of everything. They have a unique genetic blend, beautiful bodies, and strong yet incredibly special personalities. Also, men are attracted to their sensual and shy appearances, which make them pretty much irresistible. Oh, and there’s that undeniably sexy and seductive accent that will make any man fall in love almost instantly!


However, if you’ve never had a chance to meet a Spanish beauty, you probably don’t know that their appearance varies from region to region. The genetic heritage in Spain is exceptionally diverse. That’s why there are many different types of Spanish beauties.

For example, women in the Basque Country are tall, and they have fair skin. Yet, in Andalucia, you’ll find women with tanned olive skin, slender bodies, dark hair, and strong, passionate opinions. They also have deep brown eyes and an intense gaze that will make your heart stop!


In Barcelona or Madrid, you’ll find the most diverse Spanish people since these cities have attracted immigrants from the 1980s. Across the board, Spanish girls are incredibly feminine. Even though some have a fiery nature and an energetic personality, they are quite delicate. Still, the culture teaches them to be independent and strong. What’s more, the Spanish food, the climate, and other lifestyle choices are the reason why the women age exceptionally well.


Aside from their physical appearance, girls in Spain are well known for their fiery temper. This makes them different from American or Northern European women. You’ll see this as soon as you meet a typical Spanish girl. They are incredibly direct, and they love to express their thoughts and emotions without hesitation.


In fact, that makes them appear highly extroverted, sociable, passionate, and extremely good at flirting! If you want to date a Spanish lady, you’ll need to have a high dose of confidence and open-mindedness.


What’s more, Spanish girls are so attractive because they are spontaneous and quite unpredictable. They are also talkative and honest, but they also expect honesty in return and don’t expect you to be the silent type. Since they are much more independent compared to women from other parts of the world, they can come across stubborn and reluctant to change their views or opinions. But once you get to know one, you’ll realize that Spanish girls are also nurturing, sensitive, and incredibly thoughtful.


Another trait that appeals to most men is creativity. The majority of hot Spanish girls have a profound and wild artistic nature. It makes them excel at painting, acting, playing piano, dancing, fashion, and appreciating the wonderful world of art.


The Spanish culture values all art forms, and that could be the reason why a lot of Spanish girls are into creative hobbies or even successful careers in the arts. If you want to be with a Spanish beauty, you’ll need to show at least some interest in the arts. Spanish girls are brought up to appreciate art, and they are definitely more likely to be with someone that shares their passions.


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Traditions like the Quinceañera (15th birthday party) are very important to Spanish women. If you take Spanish lessons, you’ll always learn about the language through traditions, and this is because they are an important part of Spanish culture. When it comes to dating, courtship is a long process, and you should expect to see a lot of pursuit and refusal before you even arrange a date. In fact, a lot of casual “dating” activities for Americans are reserved for engaged couples in Spain.

On a first date, you should expect to spend an evening in a bar or coffee shop, and you should try to be as talkative as possible. Spanish girls appreciate individuality and a unique sense of style and outlook on life. While they respect traditions, they are open to dating strangers from other countries and backgrounds.

Family Value

Everyone is connected in a typical Spanish family, and family life is usually a priority. If you want to date a Spanish girl, you’ll need to be ready to date her whole family! They have strong bonds with their parents, siblings, cousins, and other family members. Additionally, Spanish girls are close to their parents, and they will usually allow them to become involved in their dating life. Because of that, it can sometimes be tricky to date a gorgeous Spanish girl if you are not willing to meet her family.


Now that you know exactly what makes Spanish girls so hot, check out some of Spain’s beautiful beaches and try to find the girl of your dreams! Good luck!

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Submissive collars are regarded as one-dimensional sex toys, which are used during BDSM sex. People also wear a submissive collar to spice things up during normal sexual intercourse. It might not mean something important to you but it is an essential object in a dominant submissive relationship.

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Popular types of submissive collars:

As mentioned earlier in this post, different bondage collars have different meanings. Collaring is a popular term used to describe ownership of a sub to his/her Dom. The subs use the following types of collars:

  • Posture collar:

You may have seen this collar many times in BDSM porn videos. It is a large collar that covers the entire neck of the sub. It has no special purpose, except improving the stance and posture of the sub during sex. You can also use this collar during sex to readily improve your partner’s posture during sex and have more fun during the intercourse.

  • Play collar:

This collar is also known as dog collar because it has no significance in the BDSM community. It is also used to have fun during a sexual intercourse. This collar is made of a variety of materials and it comes in various shapes and colors. It can also be a ribbon used to generate better thrust during the erotic play. So, buy it and try it if you want to add more excitement and adventure in your relationship.

  • Protection collar:

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  • Consideration collar:

A consideration collar is used when a couple actually wants to endorse advancement of their D/s dynamic. This collar reveals that the Dom is considering a long-term relationship with the sub. In normal language, people describe such relationship level as complicated but in the BDSM community it is endorsed by a consideration collar. This collar is usually used by a sub to reveal the person is with the Dom for a certain period of time and it can be revoked under any circumstances. All the consideration collars are leather collars.

  • Training collar:

It is a unique collar because it has a unique meaning. A training collar reveals that the Dom is currently training the sub. This collar also reveals a glimpse of power his/her Dom has over that person. A training collar is also made of leather and worn during BDSM events. A sub wearing this collar is considered as a trainee and currently unavailable to have sexual intercourse with other Doms.

  • Ownership collar:

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It may take a long time of consistent training for a sub to earn this collar. Every Sub earns this collar when the Dom agrees to spend a long time with the sub or when the sub completes his/her training. This collar reveals that you are worthy of being owned. It can be a leather collar, a metal collar, or a collar made of synthetic material. People often substitute this collar with a day collar when attend a public event.

Why the collar is so important?

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Not every person follows the rules set by people in the BDSM community. Therefore, a sub collar is usually treated as a sex toy. People widely use it during sex to control movements, stance, and gain more power to produce better thrust during the erotic play.

Where should you buy a sub collar?

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